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Freak Dance prank down the streets of LA…

FREAK DANCE trailer for the feature movie…


Trailer for the first improvised movie that the UCB ever made called Wild Girls Gone…

WILD GIRLS GONE for rental…

and some mutherfucker just uploaded it to youtube (that’s okay)…

This Show Will Get You High finale

sketch special I made with some funny mutherfuckers…


another show I made with some more funny mutherfuckers…

FOOD NAZI from Upright Citizens Brigade

The Silent Bit

Wake & Bake

This is a jingle that I wrote for a strain of buddah called “Morning Glory” which is for waking and baking.

Matt’s -Motivational series I did for a minute…

Video Game In A Cloud
My favorite musical is Le Miz. I used it as inspiration for a song I wrote about video game addiction.

Bjork Song
If you’ve never seen Bjork fight the paparazzi in the airport then you should look it up. Under her fairy façade there is a psycho killer. That’s why I love her.

BJORK on Comedy Bang Bang

Bjork does prank call

Bjork hates Ben Schwartz on Comedy Bang Bang

the legendary Pepsi prank from old school Chicago days

the infamous WHIPLASH episode of improv4humans

STUNG is the prank show I did with Method Man and Redman (before Punkd!)

All my videos on UCBcomedy here