A film by the Upright Citizens Brigade:
Freak Dance is a musical, dance comedy where the sexy and wealthy Cocolonia (Megan Heyn) must escape her rich mother (Amy Poehler) and learn to dance fight in the streets with the help of Funky Bunch (Michael Cassady), who dreams of being the best dancer ever. They must save the Fantaseez community center from the Building Inspector General (Matt Besser), and the evils of the Marijuana, and most of all the gang-banger dancers before it’s too late. Will the Fantaseez Crew be able to save their home? Only love, and the Freak Dance can save them now.
Directed by Matt Besser & Neil Mahoney
Starring Megan Heyn, Michael Cassady, Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz and many more comedians from the UCB theaters.

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FREAK DANCE prank in the streets of LA

We did this wild dance/march down a street in LA to promote the movie…

here is same prank video with different music (which I prefer)…

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