May I Help You (Dumbass)? is a comedy CD and one-man show.

From the CD liner:

Every day for a year, Matt Besser answered around a dozen “wrong number” phone calls made to his apartment. These strangers believed they were calling a technical support operator in Houston, Texas, but actually they had neglected to dial the 1 before the area code. Instead of instructing his fellow Manhattanites of the honest mistake they had made, he decided to help them with their computer problems and record their phone calls. Just to make sure that what goes around comes around.

And remember, they called him.

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Reviews of the one-man show:

Time Out New York
The Chicago Reader

The Wonderous Phone Ringing
I have no earthly way of knowing
Who that could be calling.
And the phone it keeps on ringing
When I really should be dreaming
All the ringing ding-a-linging
All the questions for web support
Is this
Barnes &
Is it Spinway? Is it Spiegel?
Is it Costco? Is this legal?
The ringing it keeps on ringing
And I’m thinking while I’m drinking, and moping toking smoking choking phone a ringing-linging dinging!
Now I’m singing! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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