The Back Room with Dr. Aggro Cocky (Matt Besser) is a show where characters get interviewed and interact with fans of the show.
The Back Room has gone through many incarnations.
Currently on hiatus.

Here are some old Back Rooms that we did live on stage at the UCB and in my garage. It’s really cool the way they are edited by mad editing genius VAMOS. Definitely give a gander…

Back Room: #1 – Murray Rothman: Jewish Comedian

Back Room: #2 – Outlaw Antiperspirant

Back Room #3 – Hitler Arm

Back Room #4 – Mr Pringles Sex

The Back Room: Whats Your Affliction?

Back Room #10 – Wacky Cats

Back Room #11 – Freddy Krueger’s Brother

Back Room #12 – Food Deviant

Back Room #13 – Hecklers

The Back Room #14 – Honeyfingazz

Back Room #15 – Snuggle Fetish