This show is not about college football.

Woo Pig Sooie:Comedy for Atheists
Matt Besser

Recorded in Austin, TX
Alamo Theater

George W. Bush entered office right after my mother died. Those dark days focused my anger and my comedy on right wing organized religion. Woo Pig Sooie was recorded towards the end of GWB’s reign. Although named after the Razorback war cry, this one man show is not about sports. It’s about why I am an atheist.

1. Atheist from Arkansas
2. Prayer.com
3. Atheists Love Tragedy
4. Intelligent Design vs. Santa
5. Christian Values
6. Family Eagles Hate Gays
7. Religious Demographic of Audience
8. Stupid Jewish Laws
9. Hats in Religion
10. Catholics Have the Coolest Hats
11. Vatican Killed JP2
12. Catholicism is a Cult
13. Giant Crosses
14. Ten Commandments
15. In God We Trust
16. God Bless You
17. Born Again Sports Camp
18. Don’t Make Me Believe
19. Woo Pig Sooie Hog Call
20. Prayer for Chocolate
21. The Atheist Dad
22. No Giant Stars of David
23. Religion in Sports
24. The Cross & the Blow Job
25. Evangelizing for the Razorbacks
26. Origins of the UCB “Bug Juice” sketch

It’s about why one man is doomed to hell.




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