Feb. 16
“Hump Night”
It’s me and Sean Conroy and some other standups doing standup.
at Hudson Theater, Comedy Central Workspace

from Feb. 19-25

Feb. 19
Saturday 9pm
UCB Theater, NYC
“Woo Pig Sooie”
Matt Besser (Upright Citizens Brigade, Crossballs) returns for one night to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater to perform a one man show about his battles with God, and the making of an atheist.
A Jewish father and a Christian mother make a pissed off Fundamentalist Grandma.
This show may have appeared under the alternate titles:
God vs. Matt Besser
Besser In Satan’s Service
Christian Camp for Jews
John the Baptist, Matt the Atheist
R U There Jason Kidd? It’s Me, Matt Besser
Cult of Religion Sux
Atheist Holiday
The Atheist Bible
God Bless You, Matt Besser
Gawd Darn You, Matt Besser!
Religious Experience Required
The Bible Belch

Feb. 24
The UCB are shooting a special for BRAVO on Thursday, Feb 24. It looks like Andy Richter and Tina Fey will do the monologues. I’ll have complete cast details and reservation info soon on this site and at

to ask for reruns of Crossballs or second season DVD of UCB you can go to and write-

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