“420 Funny: A Very Pot Friendly Variety Show”
Since the ’70s people from all over the world have gotten together on April 20th to celebrate marijuana and no one can agree why. Is it because 420 is the police code for marijuana? Is it because there are 420 chemicals in marijuana? Is it because 420 Mars Bar wrappers were found in Jerry Garcia’s belly button when he died? Who cares! The UCBT thinks 420 is all about getting high and laughing so we’ve compiled some of the funniest pot lovers around for 420 Funny: A Very Pot Friendly Variety Show. With stand-up, sketch, short films and just plain stoney things from:
Matt Besser (Upright Citizens Brigade, Crossballs)
Doug Benson (The Marijuanalogues, Best Week Ever)
Tim & Eric (Tom Goes to the Mayor)
Brandon Johnson (Punk’d)
Joe Kelly (writer, Saturday Night Live)
Rob Huebel (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Tami Sagher (writer, Mad TV)
And many more
Hosted by Ron Lynch
April 20
UCB Theater in LA

“All That Crap”
LA’s best sketch comedians show their video shorts and clips from longer works. Some are funny on purpose, some are just weird, some look like drugs were used at some point in the process.
*surprise host – Amy Poehler
Dr. 23 (Ian Roberts) and Mr. Phleminthroat (Matt Besser) interview the directors, actors, and sometimes even the characters themselves.
Guests include:
Matt Price showing a video he made when he was 13 for the Police’s “Can’t Stand Losing You”
Dylan Morgan – Cliff Notes for Blockbusters
James Adomain as George W. Bush
Bush’s State of the Union – James Adomian
“Chewgwin: The Wedding of Chunk & Chove” – Matt Murphy & Kurt Braunohler Editor: Will Becton
“Man On the Street” – Charlyne Yi
I Love Shoes – Liam Sullivan
“Move It” – Aaron Partridge
“Jenny Clone” – Directed by Maggie Carey – Val Myers
“WPSA Get A Cat” – Winchester Prep Sketch Academy
Much much more.
April 22
At midnight
at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
5919 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
All ages, $5
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“UCB Presents”
Hosted by Matt Besser and Ian Roberts
April 27
UCB Theater in LA

“Covers: the Greatest Concert Ever”
Hosted by Paul F Tompkins
Starring Matt Besser, James Adomian, Fempyre, Danielle Schneider, Dannah Feinglass, Chip Pope, and Mike Ruekberg
All comedians want to be rock stars. Tonight we give them that chance. Comedians cover their favorite songs impersonating the rock singer of their choice.
Neil Young, Dolly Parton, James Blunt, Hall & Oats, John Lennon, the Proclaimers, and more…
April 29
UCB Theater in LA

“F’d Up & Illegal Videos”
Dr. Cocky Muther F’r & Mister Aidsnotfunny will show all the stuff that is not allowed on tv. You know, that shit you show your room mate when you’re wasted.
No narcs allowed!
If you got weird videos please submit to our box office ASAP.
Hosted by:
Dr. Cocky Muther F’r AKA Matt Besser & Mr. Aidsnotfunny AKA Matt Walsh
Guest starring:
Paul F. Tompkins as Paul S. Tompkins
Featuring the video clips:
• Post Office Pranks – Donkey Revolution, Unabomber
• Pepsi protest prank – UCB pretend to be the Pepsi Wet N Wild promotion team at Chicago’s Navy Pier.
• ALF puppeteer can’t breathe
• Siskel & Ebert – dis each other hard.
• Plus
• Part 3 of Black Devil Doll from Hell – doll rape
And much much more.
Saturday, May 6 at midnight
at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
5919 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
All ages
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