“F’d Up & Illegal Videos”
Dr. Cocky Muther F’r & guests showcase f’d up videos.
Special guests this week include Satan and the Space Warrior.
Greatest hits of the year including:
Star Search audition tapes; How Do You Get To Motel 6?; the
Corky Rap; Hy Lit makes ad with coked up son; Hitler Kid audtion reel; Siskel & Ebert argue; Sybian & Venus 2; Vagina Tricks; Krunk Shuttle.
If you saw the secret video that we showed two weeks ago then you’ll be happy to know that we are going to play it again but we still can’t publicize it.

Saturday, Oct. 7 at midnight
at the UCB Theater in LA

I’m doing a sketch show with Owen Burke and Andy Daly on…
Oct. 21 at 10pm
at the UCB Theater in LA
I’ll do many of my characters including my newest one…
MySpace Tom and Jason Yellow

check out my blog on this site called “yr wrong”
this is where I answer questions to your emails

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