“God Sux”
Me and a few other comedians (Jim U-Boat, Marc Maron, Rick Overton) will do our anti-religion sets.
Friday Nov. 3
at UCB Theater in LA

“F’d Up & Illegal Videos”
Dr. Cocky Muther F’r & Dr. AidsIsntFunny showcase f’d up videos.
Paul S. Tompkins is back to present his Hippie movie pitch video.
We’ll have super trippy videos like…
“Krunk Shuttle”
And our favorite Wasted Celebrities doing interviews…
Joey Heatherton
Orson Welles
James Brown
Richard Pryor
Saturday, Nov. 4 at midnight
at the UCB Theater in LA

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November 7
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
and get your stupid brother to vote too…
come on swing states!
fuck bush!
fuck Heather Wilson!!
fuck Sanatorum!

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