Matt Besser MySpace now open for friendship!
I think…it wasn’t working for a while. Please email me if you have any problems with it.
Try to check out my newest video – “MySpace Tom”
Matt Besser’s myspace page

“America’s Best Comic”
For those who love to hate
then you’ll like this show that I’m doing with Andy Daly.
We do a few of our comedian characters and show some videos of these characters stirring up shit in the real world.
Also featuring James Adomian as Al Franken.
Jan. 24
at UCB theater in LA

Video Game Junkie

Ad for UCB Water
(don’t watch if under 18 because there is nudity)

Redneck Driving Instructor

Studio 60 parody
(check out the Studio 60 parody, I’m in part two)
UCB Theater’s YouTube Channel

Shining Sisters
(this is a parody of the movie the Shining written by two very funny ladies and I helped direct it)
parody of “The Shining”

*if you like any of these videos please pass them on, thanks
** in the next month I will be adding videos to each page of this site

“Asssscat in San Francisco for Sketch Fest”
Friday, January 26
Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Andrew Daly, Sean Conroy with guest monologist Bob Odenkirk/ Straitjacket
8pm & 10:30pm $35 EUREKA
Uphill Both Ways/ Tossing Alice/ The Printers’ Daughters
10pm $10 DARK ROOM

“Matt Besser in Chicago at Hideout”
– this isn’t 100% yet, but I will most likely be there
in March

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if you want to book my one man show in your town…
Eli Newell, Dir. UCB TourCo
PHONE: 212.366.9176
MOBILE: 917.568.3821

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