Sept. 11 – Asssscat in Chicago at Lakeshore Theater
Lakeshore Theater tix

Sept. 18 – UCB Season 2 dvd release. Order at
UCBtheater store
because we’re giving away a “super cool” t-shirt with every season 2 DVD.

Sept. 22 – “The Greatest Concert Ever” – at UCBTLA featuring John Cougar, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and more. Tim Meadow as ????

Sept. 29 – America’s Best Comic at UCB Theater LA
A parody of Last Comic Standing where Andy Daly and I do all of our stand-up characters. This episode is the audition round so we’ll be joined by
Nic Wiger, Animatronic Comedian – Ron Babcock; Komedy Kamp Kid – Doug Jones; Billy Hank Raheja the Indian Redneck Comic – Matt Manser; Tour Guide Jokester – Katie Dippold
Road Comic – Chip Pope – Comatose Comic – Andie Bolt.

Oct. 9 – Besser in Chicago at Lakeshore Theater
Lakeshore Theater tix videos go up in October

Oct. 4-25 – “The Very Funny Show” on
I made ten comedy videos for with a bunch of funny people from UCB theater.Check it out in October.
First three episodes: October 4
Fourth and fifth episodes: October 11
Sixth and seventh episodes: October 18
Eighth, ninth, and tenth episodes: October 25

Nov. 11 – Asssscat at Irving Plaza

Feb. 5 – Asssscat dvd release


FunnyOrDie produced this video with the Pope character that I do in America’s Best Comic. I answer questions from real people off the street.
The Pope on FunnyOrDie

Crossballs: the Debate Show
Crossballs myspace page has been set up where I will post new eps from on a regular basis.

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