UCB Season 2 dvd release.
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because we’re giving away a “super cool” t-shirt with every season 2 DVD.

October, 20 – 10PM
“God Sux”
UCB Theater LA
LA’s most faithful atheists congregate together to question the almighty. Watch these comics share their experiences with religion and how some were transformed from altar boys to skeptics. Don’t miss this chance to laugh so hard that you will challenge your beliefs. Matt Besser Marc Maron Jim “UBoat” Underdown

October 20 – midnight
“Best of F’d Up & Illegal Videos”
Part of Offensive Fest Dr. Aggro Cocky and Mr Aidnotfunny will present the most offensive videos of the year with special guest Paul F Tompkins.

Oct. 29 – “The Very Funny Show” on TBS.com
I made ten comedy videos for TBS.com with a bunch of funny people from UCB theater.Check it out in October 29.
First three episodes: Oct. 29
Fourth and fifth episodes: TBD
Sixth and seventh episodes: TBD
Eighth, ninth, and tenth episodes: TBD

Nov. 3 – “America’s Best Comic” – 10pm
UCB Theater LA
A parody of Last Comic Standing where Andy Daly and I do all of our stand-up characters. This episode is the audition round so we’ll be joined by TBD

November 8 – 6pm
Museum of Television and Radio
The Paley Center (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio) is putting together a panel discussion with us: Upright Citizens Brigade with Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh.
Paley Center info

November 11 – 8pm
Irving Plaza Asssscat – NY Comedy Festival
Asssscat with Besser, Roberts, Poehler and Walsh.
plus Horatio and surprise guests! When: November 11th : 8 p.m. Price: $20 Event Phone Number: 212-777-6800 Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza Neighborhood: Gramercy 17 Irving Place New York, NY 10003 212-307-7171
Asssscat at Irving Plaza tix

Nov. 17 – 10pm
“420 Show”
If u no, u no.
UCB Theater LA

Crossballs: the Debate Show
Crossballs myspace page has been set up where I will post new eps from on a regular basis. Friend & subscribe.

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