“The Very Funny Show” on TBS.com
I made ten comedy videos for TBS.com with a bunch of funny people from UCB theater.
Check it out
The Very Funny Show videos
This link will take you to the TBS exclusives page then click “The Very Funny Show” – tell me how they work for you.

Holiday Gifts!!!!
UCB Season 2 dvd release.
Order at
UCBtheater store
because we’re giving away a “super cool” t-shirt with every season 2 DVD.
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Nov. 17 – 10pm
“420 Show”
If u no, u no.
UCB Theater LA

Dec. 1 – midnight
“F’d Up & Illegal Videos”
Dr. Aggro Cocky and Mr Aidnotfunny will present fd up videos with special guest Paul S. Tompkins.
UCB Theater LA

Dec. 21
“Walk Hard” national release. I play the guitarist in Dewey Cox’s band along with Chris Parnell and Tim Meadows.

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