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UCB Season 2 dvd release.
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Dec. 21
“Walk Hard” national release. I play Dave, the guitarist in Dewey Cox’s band along with Chris Parnell and Tim Meadows.

Dec 29 – Sat.
“The 2007 IT SUCKED! Awards”
10:00 pm $8
We’re hungover from the holidaze of Xmas and Hannukah and stabilizing ourselves to get lost in the debaucherous haze of the new year. Please join the UCB Theatre as we look back at 2007 and reflect on the moments that made us say to ourselves, “That sucked!”
From Britney Spears’ comeback to Anna Nicole Smith’s passing and everything in between including Michael Vick’s dog fighting, there was plenty in 2007 that totally sucked. Nothing is sacred when everything sucks.
Hosted by Danielle Schneider & Dannah Feinglass
Rob Corddry (topic: News He’s Missed Since Having a Baby)
Matt Besser (topic: WGA Strike)
Matt Walsh
Jen Kirkman
Seth Morris
James Adomian
Neil Campbell (topic: Michael Vick)
Wyatt Cenac
Brian Huskey
and a Video from “Convoy” (topic: Waterboarding)

Jan. 5
– midnight
“F’d Up & Illegal Videos”
Dr. Aggro Cocky and Mr Aidnotfunny will present fd up videos.
Featuring music of Zoophilia
This week, in addition to the videos, we will have sexy live photo shoot for Fd Up calendar.
UCB Theater LA

“The Very Funny Show” on
I did a short sketch web series on TBS called The Very Funny Show a lot of people at the UCB Theater wrote and starred in these scenes so check it out
The Very Funny Show

Tell me how they work for you. They’ve improved this page in the last few weeks. I like all of the videos that we made, but maybe Parachute Wedding and Myspace Proposal. Try out their message board if you dare…

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