UCBcomedy.com launches Jan. 15!

We’ve been building this for over a year and now our third stage is complete! Hooray! It’s like our own tv channel.
Every day we’ll feature a new video which is either produced by us and completely new to the web, or is something made by our performers that has rarely been seen elsewhere. In other words, we’re putting up brand new shit every day. Every video on our site will have some connection to UCB theater performers. Our upgraded theater site will connect with our video site so that every performers bio page will directly link to their videos.

Please bookmark the page, imbed our videos, and spread the word!

And tell me if you see anything that’s confusing, sucky, or could be improved. We’d really appreciate the feedback.


I’m doing Comedy Death Ray at UCB LA on Jan. 29.


Asssscat on DVD will be released
by SHOUT Factory on March 25


Friday, January 25 at 8
SF Sketchfest presents SF Sketchfest: Upright Citizens Brigade : A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. featuring Matt Besser , Ian Roberts , Matt Walsh , Rachel Dratch , Rob Riggle with guest monologist Neil Patrick Harris


“Walk Hard” is still in some theaters. I play Dave, the guitarist in Dewey Cox’s band along with Chris Parnell and Tim Meadows.

“The Very Funny Show” on TBS.com
I did a short sketch web series on TBS called The Very Funny Show a lot of people at the UCB Theater wrote and starred in these scenes so check it out
The Very Funny Show

The Very Funny Show
Tell me how they work for you. They’ve improved the Very Funny Show’s main web page.

UCB Season 2 dvd still has “super cool” t-shirt for free if you buy at our online store.
UCB store

***Check out new UCB hoodies & Asssscat t-shirts***

Many fans have asked me how to make season three come out quicker than season two did. I’m not really sure. Petitions don’t seem to help. I guess asking your local stores to restock season 2 whether it’s a Best Buy or a record store. Thanks for asking.

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