Asssscat on Comedy Central
March 21
1am (but check your listings)
One hour and a half of Asssscat shot at our theater in LA.
This is one night only so tune in.

Asssscat on DVD
The Upright Citizens Brigade (Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh) bring you ASSSSCAT.
DVD features the UCB, plus Chad Carter, Sean Conroy, Andrew Daly, Horatio Sanz, as well as guest monologists Will Arnett, Ed Helms, Jen Kirkman, Thomas Lennon, Paul F. Tompkins and Kate Walsh.

Recorded March 2007 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

on sale March 25
UCB Store On-line

March 12-14
Upright Citizens Brigade including Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh come to Austin for three days.
*please contact venues to confirm this information and get tix.

Wednesday, March 12
7:30 and 10:00 probably
Asssscat – that’s our improv show.
@ United States Art Authority

Thursday, March 13
8:00 and 10:00 the SHOW
This will be more characters and videos in addition to the improv.
@ Coldtowne Theatre

Friday, March 14
“F’d Up & Illegal Videos”
Hosted by Besser and Walsh with many surprise guests. Seriously, you will be surprised.
@ Alamo Drafthouse – South Lamar location is launched

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Wednesday, March 19
Matt Besser’s Magical Sack of Dump
All his characters, standup, and vids since the last time he was in town. One night only.
@ UCB Theater NYC

Friday, March 21
“Freak Dance: the Forbidden Dirty Boogaloo”

“When pop comes to lock,
When you’re breakin’ on the make,
Sometimes you got to take a chance and dance.”

More sex than Flashdance. More drama than Footloose. More danger than The Lambada. More dance fighting than You Got Served. More pretentiousness than Save the Last Dance…

Welcome to the streets where dancing is the dream of every street kid. Freak Dance is the story of how dancers from different worlds come together to save Fantaseez Dance Center from the long arm of the city building inspector, the evil rival dance studio, and power of the Forbidden Dirty Boogaloo.

Freak Dance is a straight up, activated and in your face musical theater extravaganza.

Written by Matt Besser (Upright Citizens Brigade, Crossballs)
Music by Brian Fountain (Killgore: The Musical) & Jake Anthony (Oh God, We’re Going to Die!)
Starring: Matt Besser, Michael Cassady, Megan Lynam, Drew Droege, Hal Rudnick, Sam Riegel, Angela Trimbur, Ben Siemon, Meghan Parks, Allan McLeod, Nick Wiger, Chris Farah, Joel Spence, Kathryn Burns, Antonia Romeo, Deanna Raphael, David Harris
Featuring The Bad Newz Bears Crew Bboys
Directed by Lindsay Hendrickson
Musical Direction by Jake Anthony
Choreographed by Jennifer Li

Friday, March 28
The Back Room w/ Dr. Aggro Cocky
UCB Theater LA
Sketch comedy series hosted by Dr. Aggro Cocky (Matt Besser) on The funniest character comedians from the UCB community show off their best videos. Be part of the live taping for future episodes of the Back Room.

Tuesday, April 1
“Comedy Death Ray”
UCB Theater LA
I will be co-hosting.

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