In ten weeks Matt Besser will attempt all ten disciplines of comedy at Comedy Death Ray, Tuesdays, 8:30pm at UCB Theater in LA.

The Perfect Ten
1. Topical – Huan Huan the Olympic Mascot
2. Blue – Hunch Back of the Theater
3. Impression – Mr. George Bailey Smith – Bjork
4. Parody – Jason Yellow, winner of America’s Best Comic
5. Multiple Characters – Sept. 16
6. Musical – Sept. 23
7. Satire – Sept. 30
8. Physical – Oct. 7
9. Stand-up – Oct. 14 – one word suggestions given the week before over internet and stage + crowd work.
10. Improvised – Oct. 21

“Since Comedy Death Ray is the Olympics of the alternative comedy world, it was a dream come true when my residency was accepted. I’m neither deluded nor vain enough to consider myself the Michael Phelps. I will not compare my ten nights of comedy to Phelps striving for nine golds. I am not the Phelps, I am the Kerri Strug. I just want one gold night, and I will give it everything I got to get it. Even if I bomb the first eight Tuesdays, I will limp to stage, only standing on one bit, I will perform that bit with all my heart, not just for the comedy nerds in the CDR audience, but also for the comedy nerds in the middle of America. These nine sets are for pimply-faced anti-social arm-pit-smelling comedy nerds in the middle of America. in conjunction with CDR will tape these sets and put them up within the same week on



Freak Dance: the Forbidden Dirty Boogaloo begins Sept. 26, and then every Friday at 8pm.

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