Hello Freak Dance friends,

The last email we sent out asking for costumes and dance crews had the
WRONG email address to respond to.

The correct email is erinkaleneowens@gmail.com to respond to if you
want you and your friends to have a dance crew in the final dance off
scene of FREAK DANCE.

The UCB is making a feature film of the stage show FREAK DANCE!!! The
film will be featuring the original cast from the stage show as well
as several other UCB performers.

PARTY GOERS NEEDED FOR HALLOWEEN SHOOT: We need volunteer extras for
the films big finale, a HUGE DANCE OFF!!! Come by yourself or come in
groups of two or more. We’ll group you in “dance crews” of three or
four to dress up in fun organized costumes such as, pirates,
astronauts, dolphins, etc. for the shoot, which will take place the
night of October 31st. You don’t need to know how to dance. This is a
parody of the opening scene in the movie “The Warriors”. Please come
dressed in your group costume, if you have one, otherwise costumes
will be provided when you arrive. There’s no pay but it will be a big
dance party with some of the coolest hip hop dancers around showing
off all night long, AND there will be a prize for the best group

Drop by after your Halloween party! We only need you to hang for a
couple of hours. We will shoot from 8pm till dawn. You can come by at
any time, but from 10pm to 1am would be the most beneficial to the

If you are interested in being an extra please contact Erin Owens at

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