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We’ve been shooting Freak Dance for the last ten days and we’re coming up on our big finale dance off at the Pink Motel.
I was hoping to get a big crowd watching the final dance off.
Ever seen that first scene in “The Warriors” where you see the gangs moving through the boroughs of NYC making their way to the big meeting in the Bronx? For Freak Dance we’re going to do a parody of that where the dance gangs have gathered the big dance off at the end of the movie.
We’re shooting gangs moving towards the Dance Off on the evening of Oct. 31, Halloween, from 5pm to sunrise. At most we’d need you for three hours.

Oct. 31 Halloween night we are shooting all night (@5pm-4am), and we are trying to get as many dance gangs there as possible. There will be 60 real break dancers there going full blast so it should be pretty interesting. No need to be there all night, 2-3 hours would be great. If you have other Halloween plans we’ll be going till the sun rises on Nov. 1

Come dressed as a dance gang in matching costumes, or in your Halloween costume, or just dressed normal. If you got dance tights or tight pants, then that’s a bonus.

9457 San Fernando Road
Sun Valley, 91352

It’s off the 170 or the 5, only a little north of the Burbank airport.

Drop by after your Halloween party! We only need you to hang for a
couple of hours. We will shoot from 8pm till dawn. You can come by at
any time, but from 10pm to 1am would be the most beneficial to the

For more info please contact Erin Owens at

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