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When I started improv4humans, podcasting was in its infancy. I didn’t even know what a podcast was, so my idea was to take what we were doing on stage at ASSSSCAT and at the same time, secretly fulfill my Howard Stern wannabe fantasies. It sounded like a good hobby.

But over the years, i4h became more than just a podcast for me; it’s a labor of love and creative exploration featuring what I genuinely believe are the best improvisers in the universe. I proudly consider them the i4h ensemble. We have dug deeper into not just scene work, but sharing real life experiences, connecting as friends, finding comedy in the most challenging places we could, and keeping us sustained during the pandemic.

Shortly after we started, Brett Morris became the dedicated engineer to the show, and with his production skills we quickly started to realize what was possible within the podcast medium that just wasn’t there before. I got excited to delve deeper into immersive audio experiences, and we created Stolen Idea, My Dead Wife, and Estates Of Perfection. Along with my stand up experiment Besser vs. Audience, these are high concept limited series that Brett and I worked our asses off on. We’re truly proud of them, and never felt like they were given a proper stage.

We’re thrilled to have total control over our own content for the first time, and include it all together in one place for you to discover.

Everyone knows there’s three things that I love to talk about: comedy, music, and science fiction. I’m an expert in one of those things. That will be the Professor Besser feed. I purposely kept discussion of improv itself out of i4h all these years, saving that for workshops. But this platform will allow me to teach and explore the craft of comedy in at least four unique podcasts. Best Taste In The Universe will be a separate feed with different podcasts for those who want to geek out with me on music and science fiction.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Discord, where you can give us suggestions for scenes, leave questions for Professor Besser, or even challenge Matty B’s taste! And I’m even thinking about hitting the road to teach improv in some of your hometowns. That’s why we ask your city and theater upon sign-up, so that if there’s enough fans from your town, I’ll come to YOU. Tons of exciting possibilities with this platform, with your help.

Hopefully you can see I really don’t want this place to just be another subscription for more of the same. My biggest motivation is to give our ensemble a platform where they get paid for being geniuses, and to give YOU not just more comedy, but a hub for all things improv. Where we can share all of our ideas and experience directly, and you can learn the techniques yourselves, watch old hidden gems, and hear the stories behind the most important scenes, sketches, and shows. And we can enjoy some killer music and sci-fi while we’re at it!

Thank you all, and keep being humon!

Matt Besser

improv4humans: the rule of 4, is a new comedy platform from one of the founders of modern improv, Matt Besser. Together with longtime producer Brett Morris, i4h is dedicated to presenting the very best improv comedy and teaching the craft.

Besser is a founding member of the pioneering sketch group and Comedy Central TV show The Upright Citizens Brigade, and co-founded the renowned UCB Theatre and training center, which has launched the careers of many household names in comedy and writing. He also co-authored The Upright Citizens Brigade: Comedy Improv Manual.

As one of the original Earwolf podcasts, improv4humans began when Besser decided to bring the best talent from the theater to the theater of the mind. Over the years, the show has consistently broken new ground and stayed subversive, while introducing many brilliant voices to listeners and bringing them together with improv veterans. The show now has its own home with your support.

In addition to the flagship podcast, the rule of 4 includes two new feeds: Professor Besser, a brand new feed dedicated to breaking down the techniques of improv and showcasing never-before-seen footage, and Best Taste In The Universe, the new feed devoted to Besser’s other loves: music and sci-fi.

Also included are four beloved limited series that were previously difficult to find. Stolen Idea: A Punk Rock Musical; My Dead Wife, The Robot Car; and Estates Of Perfection are high-concept retroscripted epics featuring original soundtracks, immersive sound design, and all-star casts. And Besser vs Audience is Matt Besser live on stage, challenging his audiences with his unique interactive crowd-work.

With your support, improv4humans: the rule of 4 brings together the entire vision of improv4humans, and provides a foundation to develop new ideas in collaboration with the fans to spread the love of improv further than ever before.

Matt Dog

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